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TEAM activities promote a broader base of understanding and support for ordination of women and the larger moral issue of equality. They include special events, publication of material with equality themes, and the coordination of an active network of equality supporters to promote constituency feedback to the church on this issue.

TEAM Values:

  • We value support for the ordination of women through the principles of unity, equality and spiritual gifts.

  • We value women serving the church with equal authority, recognition and pay.

  • We value equality before God that by ordaining women, the church assures unity among believers, demonstrating that we are one in Christ.

  • We value tolerance when men challenge women’s progress, and we will stay focused on our mission.

Our Mission

We advocate for the fulfillment of the gospel commission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church requires accountability with the church structure for the spiritual gifts of women in pastoral ministry.

Our Mission

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