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Computers for Online Learning Still Needed

Mercy Hiuko, TEAM laptop and scholarship recipient, from Bugema University giving an Evangelistic meeting at Karura High School in Nairobi, Kenya.

TEAM received a $12,500 donation in 2020 from the trust of Sonja A. Nicola for the purchase of laptop computers. In addition, other donors have contributed $400 or more to purchase laptops. To date, we have spent $17,565.00 on 50 laptops for TEAM scholarship recipients whose only access to their school programs is through online study. Included in the funding was the purchase of 16 laptops for all the female students at the Cuba Adventist Theological Seminary, as well as recipients in Africa, Inter-America, and South America. TEAM will be funding laptops for at least the next year for women who are studying online in countries where vaccines have yet to become widely available. The TEAM website has video testimonials from some of our recipients.

If you can donate at least $350-$400 dollars or more for the purchase of one or more laptop computers, please mail your gift to TEAM at P.O. Box 7816, Langley Park, MD. 20787 or you can give online on the TEAM website: Thank you for your continued support.


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