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Meet Celeste Ryan Blyden

Celeste Ryan Blyden was elected to serve as the first women executive secretary of Columbia Union on November 11, effective January 2022. She has also served as the first women in her current role as vice-president of Strategic Communications and Public Relations since 2014.

"Celeste has demonstrated a real passion for mission and effective leadership in her current position,” says Dave Weigley, Columbia Union Conference president. “She has been a pastor, shepherd and encourager to those around her as she led her department very effectively over the years.”

Blyden joined the union in 2002 as communication director and Visitor editor. In 2004 she was promoted to assistant to the president as well as Visitor publisher.

Blyden also created and established Adventist Women Leaders in 2017 to connect and grow women globally: She has published 3 books as well as co-creating a 6-time award-winning television show on Hope Channel.

She received her master’s degree from Bowie State University in 2005 and will complete her Master’s in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University in 2022.


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