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Meet Dr. Edyta Jankiewicz

Dr. Edyta Jankiewicz is appointed as the first Associate Ministerial Secretary for Women in Ministry in the South Pacific Division (SPD).

This new appointment was made during the quinquennial meetings of the South Pacific Division (SPD) in July 2021, and it is the first time that the SPD has had such a position.

Edyta Jankiewicz has participated in team ministry with her husband for over 30 years. Together, they have served in pastoral ministry in Australia, church planting in the USA and missionary service in Fiji, while raising their two young daughters across these three cultures. During this time, she completed an MMin in Family Life Education, and a PhD in Religious Education (Discipleship). More recently, she served as Assistant Professor in the Discipleship and Religious Education Department at the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University, and as Family Ministries specialist at the SPD.

Please pray for Edyta and her family as she and other church leaders forge a vision and engage action across this Division to have more women in ministry, leadership, and decision-making bodies, all for God’s glory.


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