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Meet Kimberly Bulgin

Pastor Kimberly Bulgin was ordained to the gospel ministry in Kansas City, Kansas on October 23. Bulgin senior pastor of the New Beginnings Church based in Wichita, was born, and raised in Toronto, Canada. She has an undergraduate degree in Music Education from the Andrews University and a graduate degree in Music & Theology from Trinity Lutheran Seminary.

Pastor Kinberly Bulgin traveled for over 15 years spreading the gospel to people throughout North America, Africa, the Caribbean, and Europe through her preaching and singing.

On September 28, 2013, she released her highly anticipated debut full-length album “God Chose Me”. Her devotional book, “Wild Worship: Setting people Free to Worship God” was released in 2016.

The Love God, Love Sex Experience, a sacred ministry founded by Bulgin strives to minister to single women struggling with sex.

Her desire is to see hearts set free to fully love God wholeheartedly. She states on her website: “Nothing excites me more than being an unapologetic freedom maker!”


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