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Meet Tania Gizely

Brave. This is the best word to describe Tania Gizely. Her journey began with a call from God to serve him through ministry. Tania calling was so strong that she traveled 2,409 miles with her husband and children to FAAMA-Faculdade Adventista de Amazonia. Her dream to complete Studies in Theology seemed almost impossible, since all the Adventist Universities near her home in Sao Paulo refused to accept a woman to be part of its student body.

Tania did not give up. On learning that FAAMA would accept her as a theology student, she was not discouraged by the distance, unknown place, or the uncertainty of her circumstances. She moved to a northern state where she could fulfill her calling. In FAAMA Tania learned that she was the only female in her class majoring in theology. Her life wasn’t easy, money was scarce but with the help of TEAM scholarship, Tania was able to complete her undergraduate degree. Currently she is pursuing Master’s degree in theology.

These are her own words about her experiences-“When I left Southern Brazil, to go north to study theology in FAAMA, I felt happy because I was obeying God's commands, but I also carried anguish inside me for being rejected in the South - IAP, where I worked and where I would have much less difficulties if I studied theology there. Today once again my poor limited and mortal mind can once again realize that it does not matter if we are rejected by men, if we are in god's way, then we are held by Him, and this to me is EVERYTHING! Thank God for His love and taking good care of me! All I need is His love!”

Thanks to your generosity, brave women like Tania will be able through TEAM scholarships to fulfill God’s calling.


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