Meet Yepsica Moreno

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Yepsica Moreno studied for her MDiv on her own at Andrews University, received TEAM scholarship, and graduated in 2015. She was hired by the Texico Conference and worked for 3 years with the Navajo Americans in Crownpoint, New Mexico. She was the first female pastor hired to work with Native Americans. While there she had the opportunity to preach and baptize some of the people she was ministering to.

She says that being in the Navajo Reservation was hard but it helped her to grow more in her humanity towards others, and as a servant to Christ. She is forever grateful to the Texico Conference for hiring her as a Pastor and treating her with respect.

Yepsica’s dream was to be an Army Chaplain, which now she is at Fort Carson in Colorado. She loves her job very much but wishes she didn’t have such a huge student debt, which the Army will not help her pay because when she joined, she had already graduated.

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