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The Mango Tree Call

God’s calling can be unique and unusual sometimes! The story of one of our TEAM scholarship recipients is unique, unusual, and so inspirational.

Kamau Milka Muthoni is a teacher in Uganda, Africa who came home from work one day to find that her husband not only had abandoned her but even taken her bedroom furniture and some of her cooking pans. Desperately, she prayed and fasted, asking God for help. On the third day of praying while sitting under a mango tree, she heard someone calling her. She recounts the moment: “I was singing, then I stopped to answer but no one answered. Why are you weeping; if you would have heard my voice would this thing be following you? I answered, I don’t have the money, but the voice told me to arise and go 'because the gold and silver are mine.'"

The calling prompted her to register at the Bugema Seventh Day Adventist University in Uganda, Africa as a theology and chaplaincy student. Since then, Milka has been “witnessing Jesus’ miracles day after day”. One of these miracles was her husband’s return. Milka says we now “have a happy family again.”

Milka wrote the following on her scholarship application:

“My sincere gratitude is to God for how far He has brought me. I cannot fail to thank TEAM for taking part in supporting me to achieve my goal. May the almighty God bless you to bless others.”

TEAM scholarships have helped women in all parts of the world to follow God’s calling to go and bless others as they are blessed. You can make these blessings possible by donating generously to TEAM’s scholarship ministry.

And may God bless you according to His riches!


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